S.A.F.E.R. with Alex Isaac in Washington
Alex’s Vision for a Better America


Alex envisions a holistic strategy to enhance community and national safety, tackling crucial challenges like fentanyl, human trafficking, and other threats arising from border insecurity and malicious foreign actors. He understands the importance of securing the borders to stem the flow of illegal activities, while also advocating for a fair and efficient pathway to legal citizenship for those seeking a better life in the United States.
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Recognizing the sacrifices made by public safety officers, Alex is committed to providing them with the protection and support they deserve. His stance on national security encompasses safeguarding against threats from terrorist groups and countries like China, Russia, and Iran, ensuring a robust defense strategy for the nation and supporting our military.


Alex is also a strong advocate for maintaining and strengthening alliances, particularly with traditional and non-traditional international partners. Most notably, he has a steadfast commitment to supporting our longstanding ally, Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, while addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


Alex’s candidacy is rooted in a vision to safeguard our community, particularly addressing the alarming rise of fentanyl poisonings and overdoses, which pose a grave threat to our children. With unwavering determination, Alex pledges to take decisive action to combat this crisis by implementing comprehensive policies focused on prevention, treatment, and law enforcement collaboration.


His vision encompasses a multi-faceted approach, involving increased funding for addiction treatment programs, bolstered education on the dangers of fentanyl, and enhanced coordination between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to dismantle illicit distribution networks. In addition to combating the fentanyl epidemic, Alex recognizes the interconnected nature of challenges facing our community. Addressing the issue of human trafficking is an essential component of his broader vision. He commits to championing initiatives that strengthen law enforcement efforts to eradicate human trafficking, support survivors, and raise public awareness about the signs and prevention of this heinous crime.


His vision underscores a holistic approach to ensuring the safety, security, and prosperity of American communities on both domestic and international fronts.

Alex envisions a robust American economy that is inclusive and sustainable and financial security. He is committed to policies that enable widespread homeownership by addressing housing affordability challenges. His vision includes implementing measures to control the cost of living and curb inflation driving up food and gas prices, ensuring economic stability for all citizens.
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Recognizing the importance of energy independence, Alex advocates for strategic initiatives that make America self-reliant in the energy sector, promoting both economic and national security.


Alex supports the growth of small businesses, recognizing them as vital engines of the economy, and aims to bolster retirement funds to secure the financial well-being of Americans.


Alex is resolute in his mission to end dependence on China, emphasizing the need for a self-reliant and resilient economic framework that safeguards American interests and promotes prosperity at home.



Alex’s vision for the 10th District of Virginia is rooted in a passionate commitment to securing our rights and ensuring enduring freedom for all. In a time where our freedom faces unprecedented threats, Alex stands as a steadfast advocate for the people. His unwavering dedication to safeguarding individual liberties and upholding the principles that define our nation is the cornerstone of his candidacy.
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Recognizing the challenges that our freedom currently confronts, Alex pledges to be a vigilant defender of our constitutional rights in the U.S. Congress. He understands the urgent need for proactive measures to address the evolving threats to our freedom, whether they stem from overreaching government actions, technological intrusions, or external pressures.


Alex envisions a district where the rights of every citizen are protected, where the principles of democracy are preserved, and where the flame of liberty burns brightly for generations to come.


In the face of these challenges, Alex’s candidacy is a beacon of hope, promising not only to resist encroachments on our freedom but to proactively work towards strengthening the foundations of our democracy. Through collaborative initiatives, legislative advocacy, and community engagement, Alex seeks to ensure that the 10th District of Virginia remains a stronghold of liberty, where the rights of individuals are revered, and the pursuit of happiness is truly enduring.


Together, with the support of the community, Alex aims to build a future where our freedom not only survives but thrives against any threat.

Alex is dedicated to fostering academic excellence through policies that empower students, educators, and parents. Recognizing the pivotal role of parental rights in shaping the education of the next generation, Alex commits to ensuring that our education system rediscovers its commitment to meritocracy, prioritizing academic excellence and will advocate for School Choice.
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Understanding that a merit-based approach empowers individuals based on their abilities and hard work, Alex advocates for a shift away from the current emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in education. He believes that the singular focus on equal outcomes has led the nation astray, jeopardizing safety and global standing.


Alex contends that a return to meritocracy will not only yield positive outcomes for all students but also enhance the strength and competitiveness of the workforce. By refocusing on academic excellence, the nation can secure lasting freedom for its citizens and restore its prominence on the global stage.


Alex is committed to steering educational policies towards a balanced approach, valuing meritocracy while addressing the diverse needs of students, thereby paving the way for a more prosperous future in Virginia’s 10th District. Furthermore, he aims to navigate the complex terrain of big tech, promoting innovation while safeguarding individual liberties and privacy protections. His overarching vision extends to a future where prosperity is accessible to all.



Alex’s candidacy for US Congressman in the 10th District is anchored in the transformative goal of restoring faith in government and revitalizing the essence of American unity. Committed to transparency and accountability, Alex aims to rebuild public trust by implementing policies that prioritize openness in government actions. He envisions a government that operates in the best interests of the people, advocating for increased transparency in decision-making processes and holding elected officials accountable for their actions.
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Furthermore, Alex’s vision extends beyond mere accountability; he is driven to restore citizens’ rights and commonsense governance. He recognizes the importance of reconnecting with the shared identity of being Americans, emphasizing civil discourse and embodying American values. In his pursuit of unity, Alex will actively engage with diverse perspectives, seeking cooperation over division.


His candidacy will stand as a beacon for a united and harmonious America, where citizens are bound together by their shared heritage, and the principles that define the nation are upheld. Restoring citizens’ rights and promoting commonsense governance are integral components of Alex’s comprehensive vision for Virginia’s 10th District and the nation as a whole.

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