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Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Alexander H. Isaac Jr. has had a successful military career and now enjoys a fulfilling career in the private sector with a thriving family life in Loudoun County where he has lived for the past 20 years. Having spent more than 24 years in the Northern Virginia region, he is all too aware of the issues, concerns and frustrations plaguing his neighbors and community. He is now stepping forward once again, this time as a citizen servant, running to be your next U.S. Congressman serving the Virginia’s 10th District.

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With decades of experience serving his country and extensive connections in Virginia, Washington, DC, and across the globe, Alex Isaac is choosing this path out of a profound concern for the fractured state of government that threatens the freedom of our country, our pursuit of happiness, and our fundamental American values that he and others fought to protect. Under Alex’s leadership, his focus will be on strengthening our freedoms, restoring common sense, and fostering honest governance representing all citizens of the 10th District.

Driven by a profound commitment to the principles at the core of our nation, Alex recognizes that the foundational right to the pursuit of happiness transcends mere rhetoric. It embodies a core belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. The pursuit of happiness, as enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, encompasses the freedom to pursue passions, dreams, and aspirations without undue impediments from government rule. Alex aims to create a society where every citizen can build a future that brings joy and contentment, establishing a legacy for future generations.

Emphasizing the strengthening of freedoms, restoration of common sense, and the fostering of honest governance, Alex pledges to counteract the division and dysfunction within the government with a focus on integrity, accountability, and transparency. Alex promises to work tirelessly to ensure the safety, freedom, and prosperity of the district. This includes fostering a robust economy, prioritizing academic excellence, enhancing national and local security, promoting an accountable government, and encouraging a united citizenship. Under his leadership, the 10th District can look forward to a future where the pursuit of happiness is not just a promise but a tangible reality for every community member.


His family established roots in the small town of Clio, a suburb north of Flint, Michigan, where as immigrants, his parents achieved the American Dream through ownership of multiple convenience stores. Alex’s upbringing involved active involvement in the family business, where he would routinely be found working in the store after school. Since his home and the business were connected, Alex spent his evenings and weekends behind the counter, ringing up customers, filling soda and beer coolers, and mopping floors all the while studying between serving customers. This experience during his formable years played a pivotal role in shaping his effective communication skills and instilling a strong work ethic. These qualities proved invaluable in both his military and private sector career.
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Alex’s father, who fled Iraq nearly 70 years ago, found refuge in the United States as a student, prioritized education and set clear standards for Alex and his brother and sister: kindness, good citizenship, exemplary behavior, and don’t open your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about. His mother, a Palestinian Christian born in Bethlehem, came to the United States as a young girl. She impressed the Arabic language upon all her children where it has played a critical role in everyday life and in support of national security. Alex’s Palestinian and Assyrian semitic origins have played a significant role in his ability to support special operations and the intelligence community.

Alex completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Michigan in 1991. In 2007, he expanded his academic pursuits by earning a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from the University of Maryland, University College (UMUC).


Alex takes tremendous pride in his family. He and his wife Kimberly have been married for over 32 years. They have three grown daughters – Captain Devon Messina, a labor and delivery nurse in the Army Nursing Corps; Madison Isaac, a project engineer with a leading construction firm; Payton Isaac, a business professional supporting a major defense contractor. Kimberly is a Global Mobility / International Assignments professional currently supporting a major defense contractor in Northern Virginia. They are the loving grandparents to three young grandchildren.


For over 23 years as a career Army officer, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Alex Isaac is all too familiar with combat and intelligence operations.  He has worked on both sides of the wire as an infantryman and as an information technology and communications (IT&C) professional.

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Having been raised in mud boots with the 10th Mountain Division (Light) and the 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized), Alex’s field work in Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo were the building blocks to where he would leverage all those skills on the streets of Baghdad, Iraq throughout his multiple deployments. Alex has become a subject matter expert in Middle Eastern Information Technology & Communications and has been at the forefront of Army, special operations, and intelligence community’s technical initiatives.

Alex’s transition to the private sector was a natural progression as he continued to support law enforcement and intelligence operations as a member of the MarkLogic Corporate team supporting national security programs under several intelligence and law enforcement agencies. His experience in business led to his recent position with a major defense contractor located in northern Virginia where he continues to play an active role in developing growth initiatives focused on the intelligence community and special operations. His congressional candidacy is rooted in a rich background of military leadership, technical proficiency, private sector experience, and community service.

Awards & Badges:

Alex holds several medals and awards throughout his career including the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal, Defense Meritorious and Bronze Star awards to multiple awards for Global War on Terror and the Iraq campaign. Most notably is the coveted Ranger Tab and the Expert Infantry Badge which is very personal to Alex as he earned it with his platoon and fellow soldiers.

Community Service:

Since his retirement, Alex has not slowed down. In fact, he’s kept up the pace. He has demonstrated a deep commitment to community service, particularly through his active involvement in his community’s Homeowners’ Association (HOA) where he has served as a board member for the past three years, including the last two-years as president. During this period, Alex played a pivotal role in guiding his community through a significant transition, steering the shift from builder to homeowner management. His leadership was instrumental in overseeing the turnover of more than 5.1 acres of roadway to VDOT/Loudoun County responsibility, a critical step in enhancing local infrastructure and implementing traffic calming to ensure safety parameters.
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Additionally, Alex spearheaded the coordination of repairs and upgrades to the community’s stormwater management system, showcasing his dedication to sustainable and resilient living environments. Collaboration was at the core of Alex’s approach, as he worked closely with neighbors and friends to advocate for homeowners’ rights, uphold architectural standards, organize social functions, and contribute to community beautification projects. Together, they formed a united front, aligning with neighboring communities on issues like the Route 15 expansion, and successfully advocating for the approval of the Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAM), which included the crucial Western Bypass approval.

Alex’s involvement exemplifies a proactive, calm, and effective approach to community leadership, where he not only voiced concerns but also defended positions ultimately playing a leadership role in enacting lasting positive change for his community and the broader Lucketts/Leesburg area.

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S.A.F.E.R. with Alex Isaac in Washington

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